HakuAi Designs (new site)

We’re transitioning to a new, more colorful website! Check it out by clicking on the above link :) 

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See your own inu in HakuAitems <3

In response to all the people with pets from Dobermans to dachshunds who have been asking to see their own inu featured HakuAi-style on our bags or clothing–we would be more than happy to make a custom item for you!  It’s just a $50 surcharge for each inu you want created, plus the cost of the item(s) as it would have been with just Shibas and Akitas on it (e.g., a small Inubag would be $50 + $35; two small Inubags would be $50 + $70; and so on).  

Also, you can take home the 4″ (approx.) original statue of the inu created for you for an additional $10 :) 

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New T-shirts available in February!

Girly inu shirts

New T-shirts featuring everyone’s favorite Akita and Shiba characters… plus a little black-and-tan newcomer.

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Kalo hoodie

Kalo hoodie

Giving a new meaning to the term “poi dog.” :3

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Nihonken bumper stickers

I’m kind of late in posting this, but if you want your car to be just a little more covered in Akitas and Shibas, pick up one of these:

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13 Snakes for 2013 New Year’s Card

Get it in time for New Year’s! Or, if you don’t, at least get it in time for Chinese New Year!

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Aki (meaning autumn AND short for “Akita”) dress. Just in time for Halloween.

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